Our Philosophy

OK, so we plug in to the genius of people.  We discover insights and generate new ideas.  Blah, blah, blah.

Underlying this is a pretty strong philosophy of how to get to what’s real.

Whole Person

People are messy.  Contrary to what we want to think, we make irrational, emotional, complicated, inconsistent decisions all the time.  And that’s OK.  Knowing how to reach the deeper motivations and feelings that drive us is a crucial part of plugging in to the genius of people to get the whole story. Brain Pot Pie creates an environment of honesty and comfort.  We use a suitcase-full of techniques, including projectives, role playing, and backend analytics, to uncover each person’s truth.  We know how to ask questions and interpret what people say with a sharp eye that gets at what is “real.”

Customized Agnosticism

We don’t force fit projects into a pre-determined menu of methods and techniques, or into “proprietary solutions” that aren’t always the best approach.  With over 20 years of experience, we’ve done it all, and it’s all on the table. Each Brain Pot Pie project merits a customized approach.


We love to work hard and have a good time doing it.  Work with us and it won’t be painful.  We promise.


We are so grateful that people are willing to talk with us and share their ideas.  We show immense respect for each individual’s perspective and time.


When you hire Brain Pot Pie, you get Julie.  You get her rapt attention and senior-level expertise.  She’s fully involved with and stands behind every bit of the work.  When a project calls for partnering with an outside vendor or resource, Julie is on point and in control.


Good research, good idea generation, and good meetings don’t just happen. They take planning. We take time upfront to understand the issues, and plan our projects so that we, as the leader, create a context for fruitful sharing.


Maybe it goes without saying.  We believe that marketing research can only thrive when it’s done ethically.  To that end, we adhere to the standards of QRCA, CASRO, and other organizations that keep us on track and smart.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can!